Who has the final say?


I love the saying “Man gives awards, God gives rewards”. God is good all the time. God is still operating miracles nowadays and in the most awkward ways when nobody expected anything good to happen. I can write this piece today because I have been witnessing God’s work in many occasions during this pandemic crisis.

During the last few months, I have taken care of many patients infected with the Coronavirus. Among them, there was a few cases that caught my attention and opened my eyes on how God does everything for his glory. Those patients were older. They went into a condition called ARDS Acute respiratory distress syndrome. ARDS occurs when fluid builds up in the tiny, elastic air sacs at the bottom of the lungs. At this stage, the lungs are in bad shapes and the risk of death increases. Besides being Covid-19 positive, another common factor with this group of patients that caught my attention is that all of them died many times. Their heart stopped working and we had to revive them by doing manual compressions and ventilation. Nobody expected them to survive, but it was not the time yet. All of them are now alive, tested negative now, discharged from the hospital.  

This week, I visited a patient in the cardiac floor. She is a young woman with heart issues non-related to Covid-19.  Family is contacted to start making plan because the patient is not responding to the treatments and there is no progress. While in the room, I could not stop thinking about what God did for the group of patients I talked about above. So, I decided to say a short prayer for her. I prayed that one more God make a miracle or may his will be done in her life. I believe something will happen.

I am a healthcare worker, I believe in science, but I know and believe deep down that God is the creator of all sciences. 

Prayer is the main ingredient and the generic name of all medications.”

When the nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, and family do not see any outcome for you. When family is called to start making plan and pull the plug, the only hope is God. He has the final say. I command you to say a prayer for those in the ICU right now waiting for a miracle. Do not forget that God always make a way where and when it seems to be no possible way. He will never forsake you. MAJ