My encounter with a racist patient: You guys are violent, she said.

Racism is real in America. This is one of my many encounters with racist people. One time, I went to help a coworker stick a patient to draw an Arterial Blood Gas (ABG). The patient was a hard stick, my coworker (who was light skin female) missed her twice then she called me to help her. When I got there, I introduced myself and explained to the patient why I am here. She was an old white lady in her late sixties. I asked to see her wrist so I could perform an Allen test or feel her radial pulse before I drew the blood. She said: “No, i am not going to let you stick me. I asked her why? She said ”because you are black. You guys are violent. The asians are better than you”.

I paused for a few seconds because I could not believe what I heard then I laughed, and I said to her “this is a racist comment. What make the asians better than the black people? She replied ” I guess I am racist”. 

I took off my gloves, washed my hands, and I left her room. #Stopracism #WeAllAreEqual #WeBleedTheSame #BLM


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