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“He lifts the poor person from the dust, raising the needy from the trash pile” Psalms 113:7

About me

Marc Andre Jean is working as a Registered Respiratory Therapist in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is in the frontline helping saving people’s lives during the #CoronaVirus pandemic. Although working in the medical field can be a stressful job, Marc always make time to write news articles and talk shows/podcast  to keep his audience updated and enlightened.

What I do?

I am a Florida state licensed Notary Public.I also help with document translation from Haitian creole or French to english or vice versa.

Marc Andre Jean

What is my job as a respiratory therapist? How to become a RRT? What are the working conditions and opportunity for advancement in the filed?

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Clarity Time with Marc Andre jean

I am a retired journalist with over 15 years of experience. I devoted my spare time in this podcast to help educating my community.

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