Lesson learned from a Nature walk.

Boynton Beach, Florida: July 12, 2019 – This morning, I went for a walk at the nature center. I learned a lesson that’s will change a lot of things in my life.

While I was walking and taking pictures and videos. I stumbled upon this beautiful flower. I decided to take a picture and my goal was to focus “only on the flower and blur the background”. I tried many times and the result was the opposite of what I wanted.Read More »Lesson learned from a Nature walk.

Konsey pou Jodi a

Konsey mwen pou Jodia: Pa janm bliye kote w soti. Le map fe analiz sou vin. Mwen gen 2 priyorite nan moman an se. Fe enpak pozitif sou moun ki kote m epi fome tèt mwen davantaj.

11 Ways To Beat Procrastination

ocrastination strikes everyone, and once it gets a hold of you, it can be very difficult to shake it off. When you imagine a highly productive person, you likely think of